2nd Webinar for PATIENTS with EURACAN ERN physician expert on THYMOMA and THYMIC CARCINOMA

Tell me your story:
Patients and physicians open dialogue on shared experiences.

This webinar is aimed to share Patient’s experiences and information on thymic tumours, thymoma and thymic carcinoma, giving patients and caregivers the opportunity to have information directly from physician’s experts on this rare cancer. It also aims to promote discussion among paramount multidisciplinary speakers and promote collaboration between patient and physicians all over Europe.

The plenary session in english, will be followed by second session “country specific” where patients will have the opportunity to discuss and interact with their country expert on Thymic tumors (TET), thymoma and thymic carcinoma in their own language.

Patients with thymic tumors, as thymoma or thymic carcinoma, face several problems such as having limited information about the disease or reference centers; difficulty in making a timely and appropriate diagnosis, resulting in delayed or inadequate treatments; limited access to appropriate clinical expertise and limited access to available treatments.

EURACAN ERN is the network of European Healthcare Providers with expertise in the management of rare adult solid cancers as thymoma and thymic carcinoma. Thanks to EURACAN’s structure, clinicians and researchers across Europe can share expertise, knowledge and resources.
European Reference Networks (ERNs) are based on the founding principle of a patient-centered approach. The contribution and perspective of patients and their representatives is key to support the mission of ERNs in improving the quality and standard of care and the clinical research available for people living with a rare, complex disease.

TUTOR (rare thoracic tumors) is the Italian non-profit organization for patients with thymic tumors and mesothelioma and is E-PAG (European Patient Advocacy Group) at EURACAN for rare thoracic tumors. TUTOR, as E-PAG, is the patients voice collaborating closely with ERN’s coordinator and physicians to enhance access to care and foster research.


Soon available the conference recording!