Patients with thymic tumors face more complex care pathways than those with less rare types of cancer. The rarity of the disease leads to greater difficulties in obtaining adequate information, accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Survival depends on a correct diagnosis, which can be made only by specialists and an expertise team who can be found in centers which have had a greater experience in dealing with the disease.

To improve the quality of care, accelerate clinical research and research on new drugs, it is of fundamental importance to collaborate with each other, with clinicians, in order to raise awareness of the diseases and its related issues.

If you are a thymic tumors advocate, a patient’s group or an organization providing related support, if you can advocate and share information, we would like to hear from you.

If you are facilitating research and are willing to share who you are, what you are doing and share your experience and best practice with others, if you can share unmet needs and interested in starting to collaborate,

YOU are invited to join an online meeting on the 13th of November at 8am PST

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